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Arrows Up and SamSand Launch Proppant Transport Network

Posted On:
August 31 2017

Arrows Up Collaborates with SamSand to Launch Bulk Material Transport Network to Improve Efficiencies for Oil & Gas Operators

DENVER – Arrows Up, LLC, the bulk material transport solution affiliate of OmniTRAX, Inc., one of the largest privately held transportation service companies in North America, announces an agreement with SamSand, a mining operation in Garland City, AR. The companies are building a unique mine-to-well / hub & spoke network that will move frac sand to several oil & gas operators in Northern Louisiana faster and at a lower cost.

“The Arrows Up solution delivers new operational efficiencies to frac sand supply as compared with the old way of transporting sand from mines to well heads. The network we’re establishing with SamSand will feature several innovations that eliminate the need for pneumatic tankers and other costly transportation and conveyance systems currently used in the industry,” said John Allegretti, founder and CEO of Arrows Up.

Benefits from the Arrows Up mine-to-well solution include lower costs for users, greater production consistency for the mine, improved supply chain and material handling performance, reduced dust and loss, decreased capital expenditure and enhanced sustainability. Allegretti adds that the system is standardized, resulting in decreased risk and improved coordination and collaboration between trading partners.

“This is a great opportunity for us to work with our customers and optimize the movement of sand between our mine and their operations. Arrows Up is helping us accomplish this while providing their expertise to drive additional performance,” said Brock Brockinton, President of SamSand.

Pierre-Luc Mathieu, President of OmniTRAX Energy Solutions, added, “The SamSand-Arrows Up collaboration will deliver benefits throughout the frac sand supply chain. We see this as a model for other sand mines and oil & gas operators throughout all of the major basins.”

About OmniTRAX, Inc.
As one of North America’s largest private railroad and transportation management companies, OmniTRAX's core capabilities range from providing management services to railroad and port services and to intermodal and industrial switching operations. Through its affiliation with The Broe Group and its portfolio of managed companies, OmniTRAX also has the unique capability of offering specialized industrial development and real estate solutions, both on and off the rail network managed by OmniTRAX. More information is available at

About The Broe Group
The Broe Group, based in Denver, Colorado, is a diversified privately-owned enterprise with a multi-billion dollar asset base. The Broe Group and its affiliates employ more than 1,000 people directly and provide employment for countless others through its Great Western Industrial Park in Northern Colorado. The Broe Group and its affiliates own and/or manage commercial real estate and other businesses across North America. Its transportation affiliate, OmniTRAX, Inc., is a leading transportation services firm with railroad, port and terminal operations, and is the 2nd largest operator of short-line railroads in the U.S. Its energy affiliate, Great Western Oil & Gas Company, is a top 10 driller in Colorado and among the top 100 drillers in the U.S. The Broe Group has multiple other investment affiliates, including Three Leaf Ventures, which is focused on innovative healthcare technology start-ups. For more information, see

About Arrows Up, LLC.
Arrows Up, LLC. began following a company’s request to create better products to serve the bulk storage and transportation industry. The management and operations teams of Arrows Up have over 65 years of combined experience in the packaging and logistics industry. Our mission is to create innovative, efficient and safer solutions for the bulk storage and transportation industries. This will be accomplished by research, customer involvement and continued experimentation with materials, design and assemble concepts. More information is available at

About SamSand
SamSand is a producer of quality regional frac sand with fully integrated last mile capabilities, including a comprehensive program tailored specifically for the north Louisiana and east Texas market. For more information on how SamSand can help streamline your operation, email us at


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