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Congressman Polis joins REMSA Member Encore Rail Systems for Demonstration, Discussion

Posted On:
June 29 2016

Broomfield, CO – On June 29, 2016, Congressman Jared Polis (D-CO-2) joined representatives from Encore Rail Systems for a product demonstration and discussion on public policy priorities for greater Denver’s manufacturing and rail communities. The Railway Engineering-Maintenance Suppliers Association (REMSA), a non-profit trade group representing over 340 railway engineers, contractors, consultants, and suppliers across the country, coordinated the event. The $5 billion maintenance of way industry supports over 35,000 jobs nationwide. Seventeen REMSA members maintain operations in Colorado.

The group was led by Encore’s Vice President Greg Spilker. Also in attendance were Nick Delmonico, Sales Operations Manager, Encore; Bryan Fennell, General Manager, Great Western Railway of Colorado; Forrest Mars, CEO, Denver Rock Island Railroad; Cathy O’Donnell, Sales Manager, Amen Packing; Julie Slagle, Marketing Manager, OmniTRAX; and Sean Winkler, Grassroots Coordinator, REMSA.

“Railroads are an integral part of our shared American history and Encore is thrilled to be contributing to their success here in Broomfield,” said Spilker. “It is crucial for our industry to educate our policymakers on how railroads and rail suppliers are contributing to sustainable economic and community growth.”

Encore Rail Systems, Inc. is a single-source provider of tie plugging, rail seat abrasion prevention and repair equipment, compounds, and aftermarket service support. Founded in 1997, Encore’s staff has decades of equipment design, compound formulation and hands-on track maintenance expertise and receives critical acclaim from many different participators in the industry. Encore employs approximately 20 employees at their Broomfield facility.

Congressman Polis is a strong advocate for increased rail service for his constituents and his strong background in entrepreneurship and business piqued his interest in learning more about rail supply.

"Today was very informative; I’m a big fan of trains and look forward to continuing to engage with all stakeholders to ensure a reliable and safe rail transportation network,” Rep. Jared Polis said

The group discussed the private nature of America’s freight railroad network, which does not rely on federal support for the expansion or maintenance of its right-of-way unlike other modes of freight transportation. Also discussed was the recent bipartisan and bicameral introduction of the Building Rail Access for Customers and the Economy (BRACE) Act which is not cosponsored by Rep. Polis. The BRACE Act will allow the nation’s small, local freight railroads to increase their reinvestments to upgrade and expand the “first and last mile” of transportation infrastructure by making the Short Line Tax Credit permanent. It has garnered over 135 bi-partisan cosponsors in the House of Representatives.


In Colorado, 14 freight railroads operate over 2,600 miles of track and support over 2,900 jobs.


Contact: Sean Winkler, REMSA, Grassroots Coordinator

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